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Knowing about mangal dosh will help to reduce its effect in advance by doing proper remedies and controlling their anger and other problems in married life. Here in this report, I have also suggested some remedies for mangal dosha.

Manglik Dosh in 12th House

There is so many exemptions given in our classics but when it comes to practical life, the effect of this dosha still giving problems. So it is adviced whoever having this dosha, they need to perform proper remedies as well as trying to control their emotions and anger will help them to lead happy married life. Your help and support needed to provide more free Vedic Astrology services through this website. This will help us as well as needy people who are interested in Free Astrology and Horoscope services.

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செவ்வாய் தோஷ பரிகாரம்

Read more.. If any malefic planet is the lord of marriage related houses so that planet can come under consideration.

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Be careful, if you select any wrong remedy so it can harm you or may not work at all and in result, it will be a waste of money and time. To get updates of my all new articles like the Facebook Page. Experience: 15 Years. Specialization: Dr. Share The Article On :. My marriage is getting delayed for unknown reasons. Please help.

Mangal Dosha Calculator: Check Effect & Remedies

Her marriage is getting delayed. Thanks a lot in advance sir. Her marriage is getting late. So I request you to know what is the reason for this late. Hi iam priyadharshini born in now my family members searching for my lifepartner in my astrology satrun is placed in 7th house astrologier saying for late marrige but i think this is correct age. But after we searched but its not satisfied for many alliance. Now astrolgy person said this is not good time next year may be getting. Time is 7. I want to know the reason for delay.

My parents have been searching for groom from last 1. I have high mangal Dosh. Could you please tell me when will I get marry. My marriage is getting delayed. One astrologer told that I am Manglik, but I read somewhere in the internet that I am not Manglik, as Mars effects are cancelled since ascendent Lagna is Simha. Also another astrologer told that my marriage should happen before April , else it will not happen till Please let me know if it is true.

Also please help me with remedies. The options for marriage were there in till 28th December. If not yet married, then you can expect an offer coming up by next year May Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Astrologer Dr Shankar Bhattacharjee. Anand bharadwaj says: My D. I am not manglik. Priyadharshini says: Hi iam priyadharshini born in now my family members searching for my lifepartner in my astrology satrun is placed in 7th house astrologier saying for late marrige but i think this is correct age.

Sreya says: My d. Sanjeev Punj says: The options for marriage were there in till 28th December. As per the girl chart, -Mars and the 12th house lord the moon is in the ascendant and this denotes impulsive tendencies that the girl will be having. The 7th house in the girls chart is aspected by the 12th house lord the moon. So it will be advisable for you not to marry this girl. Hi Akhil, When looking into the birth chart of the girl-there is Sarph Dosha with Ketu in the 2nd house with Saturn and Rahu in the 8th house with Chevvai. There is no Chevvai dosham and Rahu —Ketu dosham in your birth chart.

So it will be good for your to avoid this alliance. If you have desire to marry —then you have to do pariharam for Mars, Rahu, Ketu and then only you can proceed for marriage. Otherwise you have to avoid this alliance. I was born on I would like to marry a girl who was born on kindly help me if any remedies. M her birth time is A. So the compatibility does not exists for both of you. Do i have this dosha.? I think my sign is aquarius? Not sure though. Dear Basanta bhattarai, Please provide your full birth details. I born on time 1. If yes? What are the remedy pls reply.

Dear Prasanna Devi. M, As per your birth details provided by you, you are afflicted from Mars Dosha because the planet Mars is placed in 2nd house from ascendant and 6th house from your Moon Sign — Sagittarius. I am love with boy last 5yrs but I have cheevai dhosam in 7th place.. I need to live happy life with him.. Dear Nivedha, You and your future partner both are afflicted from Mars dosha, so automatically this dosha get cancelled or nullified. As per Vedic Astrology minimum one should get 18 points to get married.

But in your case the scenario is different. You have many dosha including Toni, Rasi, Vasya and Nadi. So as per Vedic Astrology this marriage is not recommended. Dear Indu, After analyzing both the birth charts, it earns 22 points out of 36, which is considered good as per Vedic Astrology. Moreover ascendant — ascendant, Moon Sign — Moon Sign, Mars afflictions get canceled because both of you are afflicted from Mars Dosha.

So Marriage compatibility is exist. Marriage is recommended for you. Remedies are as follows: Try to observe these remedies and this will nullify the Mangalik Dosha. I need to know if there is any pariharam for this Her name is Anjana R Dob Tob am Place kanhangad,kasarkod district, kerala Plz reply. Remedies should be perform to get beneficial results as per your wishes.

B is B is Kuala kangsar, malaysia. But it will be nullified after performing these remedies: Try to observe these remedies and this will nullify the Mangalik Dosha. Am in love with a guy born on I am having chovva dosham at 7th position. And he doesn't have. Please suggest a remedy so that I can get married to him.. I have chevvai dhosam and I am in love with a boy. B: Mars is in the 8th house, but Lagna Ascendant is Kumbha Aquarius.

Free online Manglik dosh calculator

Mars is in conjunction or aspected by Rahu. Time Place- Nagercoil. We are loving for past 8yrs. We planned to marry and now only came to know he have chevvai dosham. But I don't have. Is there any problem if we get marry?. Is there any parikaram for this? Could you pls help me. Hi Neeshanth, Please click here to install our match making app and check your compatibility. Thanks and God Bless.

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Hi, My details- DOB- He have chevvai dosham and I don't have. Is there any problem in our marriage? Could you please help me with your suggestion. Hi am in love with a guy for past 5 years. He has sevvai dosham. His dob is am salem and my dob is pm salem. Kindly provide us remeidy for sevvai dosham. We want to live happily for long.. Sir, please check my future: My name is Ramkumar I'm from Malaysia.

Born on Time: 8. Hi Anjali, I m in love with a girl she is having chevva dosham, but i do not have chevva dosham. I was born on at 12'o clock afternoon and my girlfriend was born on at afternoon 12'o clock. Do we have sevvai dhosham?? Please check compatibility for us. Hi anjali, My DOB is She had Chevaai at 8th Place.

Pls advise Hi, DOB is jan 8th Time: 2. Is this dangerous? Hi i am born in srilanka 8. Me: Aug, time- Then they went to another astrologer, he too said the same reason. Both astrologer said there is no parigaram at all.

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Please let me know whether there is any parigaram for it.. Now girlfriend parents are avoiding us, as they are afraiding. Kindly say any solution for it. Namashkar Ms. Anjali, Could you please read my horoscope and tell me about my marriage? Whether it is going to be love marriage? When is a good time? Currently I am dating a guy from a different country and different religion. Dear Anjali, I am born on 30 Dec , pm. Birth Place : virudhunagar. Please let me know whether I've sevvai dhosam. If so whether it will affect my career? And please explain me about the houses that you mentioned in the above comments which I couldn't follow.

Thank You. Madam, My son was born on 26th April , In Trivandrum, Kerala and as per birth chart he has Mars on the 12th house. He got married in the year May and divorced in the year He is hearing impaired from birth and however is employed in MNC Bangalore for the past 10 years.. If we want to go for remarriage what precautions, we have to take and pariharams to avoid unpleasant married life.

Hi I'm a girl born in birth time - Could u please help us if there any exceptions by which this dosha can be canceled, will it affects his longevity if I marry him? Please help sir And help us if we both can marry.