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Among those planets after final selection who is connected with lagna in D-9, that planet will indicate the Mahadasa Period of Marriage age and who is connected with 7th house in D-9, that planet will indicated the Antardasa of the age. So, in this way at first find-out the marriage yoga or connection. Then the Marriage age. Read -Timing of marriage in astrology. Some other procedures are also there to find out the marriage yoga from horoscope, but those are of more advance level. If you cannot find out the marriage yoga with these tips, just let me know I will guide you further with more advance level.

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In this free advice section I can guide you how to find your answer from your horoscope only, you will have to do rest of the things. The marriage related houses I have mentioned in my article, those are — 1st, 2nd, 7th and 11th. In case of love marriages another house will be involved that is 5th house. If these houses are connected with each other properly so, the marriage will happen. These houses should be connected in Rashi and Navamsaa chart or D-9 both. If one is missing so there will be a problem in getting married.

If the 7th lord or house is associated with any malefic planet so the late marriage is obvious. Now, how long it will take that depends upon the strength of marriage related houses, specially 7th and 11th house. In case of connections you will have to see — argala connection, aspect, planetary exchange or co-joining connections, rashi connection, Nakshatra connection and so on. Till now what I have mentioned those are all of basic level judgement.

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I have mentioned here only basic level judgement by only keeping in mind that you are a beginner in astrology or you have only basic knowledge. If you want to know more in depth, let me know. She has Kuja dosha but in the fourth house Mars is in conjunction with Jupiter so is her Kuja dosha nullified also what about Sarpa dosha? Some people have made this yoga so scary that people just fear of those girls or boys who have this yoga.

Mangal or Mars is a fiery planet and when a fiery planet sits in marriage related house so that makes the person egoistic more than his or her partner, so it is not good sign for a marital life.

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Mars is the significator of youthfulness, so after this age everything becomes normal and they can get married with anybody. In previous days — child marriage used to happen very frequently, so in those days checking of this yoga could be mandatory, but nowadays, this yoga has become meaningless. But yes, if Mars is associated with 8th house somehow, so it could be dangerous. If there is any problem so do the Astrological remedies as soon as possible.

Thank you so much Guruji! Place of birth : Latur, Maharashtra. Can I live all my life without marriage? To judge planets position is only a very small part of the whole procedure. You have judge house lords and their position, whether they are connected with malefic or benefic houses or planets. Actually in these type of cases the native goes to the wrong direction, but initially or in the beginning cannot understand the reality.

It influences other areas also.

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In your case, you will find so many people, with rahu in the 7th house and ketu in the 1st house have got married. There are many type of connections, you will have to see all of them. If any one of them is present in any of the chart so marriage is possible, otherwise not. Sometimes due to some malefic connection with marriage giving houses people get late marriage, but if this connection is there so marriage will happen, that is for sure. I believe, this much will help you to get your answer, still if you have any doubt please let me know.

Hi Sir, I am a capricorn ascendent and my 7th house moon in 5th house and 5th house lord venus in 12t house with Rahu. Currently I am in Rahu mahadasha and venus anthar dasha… my love life is not good.. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Astrologer Dr Shankar Bhattacharjee. Please help. Her marriage is getting delayed. Thanks a lot in advance sir.

Rasika Muhandiramge says: dear sir, my birth details are DOB Sankar Bhattacharjee says: Dear Dwipannita, I have given many answers on marriage astrology and have written also some articles on that just mentioning here some of them, read those you will obviously get clue and will get your answer stil if you find it difficult, let me know I will definitely guide you further: Below mentioned articles can really help you regarding this: 1. Marriage age in palmistry 2.

Kapiel Raaj on How to see a spiritual person in Vedic Astrology (Spiritual progress)

Preeti Randhawa says: Hlo sir its preetijit Kaur. Lavanya S says: Hi sir, my dob:9 Oct am, Kolkata Many have said that time for my marriage is currently going on…. Sankar Bhattacharjee says: Dear Tripathi ji, At first I want to tell you that to remain unmarried throughout the whole life is not at all a curse.

If the 10 th lord is involved, then the native promotes the cause of dharma through ashrams or monasteries and-or may live the life of an ascetic as well. If, on the other hand, the 12 th lord is afflicted by natural and functional malefics, then suffering due to sins acruing through prior lifetimes befalls the native. The interesting fact to note about the 12 th house, however, is that whether it is afflicted or reinforced by benefics, the result is still the same: the native purges the results of prior inauspicious actions vikarmas.

In the former instance, it comes as a result of suffering, whereas in the latter instance, it occurs as a result of serving dharma. In the final analysis, however, the generation of auspicious karmas is the only way that the native can attain moksa, and not by simply suffering. Important Yogas in Charts of Spiritualists According to Bhagavad Gita, the crux of all processes of sadhana worship, meditational yoga or mantra practice is that the practitioner is able to withdraw the senses from their objects and eventually become detached from the world of Maya illusion which stimulates material desire.

The shakti or intensity with which the spiritual practice is performed is thus directly proportionate to how much tapasya or austerity the native is capable of performing. Spiritually advanced persons are characterized by complete self-control which results from such tapasya. The following breakdown of ascetic yogas Parivraja-yoga helps us get an idea of which astrological components generate such spiritual renunciation.

In fact, the Bhagavad-gita further explains that one can either elevate oneself by a disciplined mind, or degrade oneself, depending on the willfulness of the soul to fix the mind on specific spiritual objectives. The mind is thus the friend of the conditioned soul, and-or an enemy as well. Sri Krsna also explains, that the mind is superior to the physical senses, the intelligence is superior to the mind through which one discerns the importance of focusing the mind on subject matters which liberate it from desire , and superior to all of them, is the soul itself.

Thus the mind is a neutral factor which records and reflects the environmental stimuli. The intelligence, guided by the soul, directs the mind to detach from that which degrades it and to be absorbed in that which elevates it. As a result of this tapasya or austerity, the soul ultimately becomes freed from deha-smrti or bodily consciousness, and is thus able to attain moksa ultimately. Note that the aspect of Saturn in these instances can be viewed in the Rasi chart, as well as in the Navamsa and Drekkana charts.

Note that this applies in the Rasi, Navamsa, Drekkana and Vimsamsa charts as well. For Tapasavi-yoga, the following additional considerations may also be born in mind: 1. If the yoga forms in both the Rasi and Navamsa charts, it is all the more powerful; 2. If the Atmakaraka, the Sun or the lord of Lagna are involved in both Rasi and Navamsa charts, then much greater significance added to the assessment of spiritual strength through the tapas of the native; 3.

If the Arudha Lagna or the Moon are involved in the yoga, then the native becomes very famous for spiritual renunciation and austerity; and 4. See which houses of the chart Venus falls in, how strong Venus is and whether there is a conjunction of Venus with Rahu or Ketu. This, however, depends on the presence of other strong yogas for the possibility of sadhana and other spiritual practices simultaneously. It is important to mention here, that if only Saturn and Ketu influence the Rasi lagna or Navamsa lagna, then the individual is a false sanyasi.

That is because the persona or outward dress may suggest renunciation. Yet if Venus, the karaka of sensuality, is not involved, the internal renunciation is lacking, while only external show of renunciation manifests. Further, it is sometimes seen that an individual is willing and perform celibacy or other forms of strict renunciation, but then falls away from the path ultimately.

Or, it is seen that someone may not be able to observe the strict principles of spiritual renunciation over an extended period of time, yet he has deep respect for those who are able to. Note the circumstances under which both situations may occur. Or, if inspite of the Saturn-Moon-Lagna connection in chart, Venus is too strong or pre-dominating, then the native might incline too much towards sexual or other sensual enjoyment.

Still they have regard and respect for those who exhibit true spiritual renunciation. Four or more planets in a single bhava: Four or more planets in strength occupying a single house with Rajayoga present in the horoscope.


The type of asceticism depends upon the strongest in the combination. Mars produces Sakyas who worshipped Devi, the Goddess of power; Mercury produces Jeevikas who worshipped Vishnu, the preserver of the Universe; Jupiter makes the person a Bhikshu, a mendicant, professing Samkhya philosophy; Moon makes Vriddhas who believe in Supreme God and go around begging alms with a skull like pot; Saturn produces Nirgranthas who roam naked like the Nagas; Sun makes a person Vanyasana who believe in simple living and high thinking, possessing high intellect and is spiritually developed.

This is especially so, if the house harboring these planets is a Kendra and one of the planets involved is the lord of the 12th house Moksa. The strongest of them will denote the type of renunciation as per Parasara.

Placement in Kendra is important because then they will most likely cause a great influence on the 4th house heart which will develop the desire for renunciation. If the 4th house is left out of the combination, then the renunciation will be only superficial. Involvement of Saturn as Naisargika Karaka for renunciation is important and the yoga must affect the Moon or the 4th house mind , otherwise the desire for giving up enjoyment will not occur.

The Mysterious World of Great Naga Sadhus Revealed

Hari-yoga, Hara-yoga, Brahma-yoga: Yogas relegated to Visnu, Siva and Brahma Naturally, devotees of the three principle deities behind creation Brahma , sustenance Visnu and destruction Siva are going to be found frequently in the charts of spiritual aspirants. These are defined as follows: Hari-yoga: Benefics are in the 2 nd and 12 th , or in 8 th from the lord of the 2 nd.

Yogas involving Jupiter and Venus sura and asura guru respectively These, in essence, are yogas for great learning: Jupiter and Venus are respectively Brhaspati and Sukra among the planetary pantheon of demi-gods. The most important of such yogas involving Jupiter and Venus are as follows: Sarasvati-yoga: Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are in kendras, as well as the 2 nd , 4 th , 5 th , 9 th or 11 th houses. Yogas involving Dusthanas: 6 th , 8 th and 12 th houses Although dusthanas are inauspicious materially speaking, they are important houses in consideration of specific spiritual inclinations in the charts of spiritualists.

Thus, some important yogas relegated to dusthanas are as following: Harsha-yoga: The lord of the 6 th house occupies the 6 th itself. Like this: Like Loading Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

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