Georgia nicols horoscope

Georgia Nicols horoscope

You might meet someone on vacation, or in a setting related to universities, publishing, the media, the law or medicine. Meanwhile, existing romantic relationships will be more playful and happy this year. You will have a busier schedule that includes more social activities, the theatre, sports plus fun vacations. Relations with home and family will improve this year because you are happier. Your relations with your kids will improve and be happier as well. Plan a family vacation.

You will also enjoy inviting guests for dinner or summer barbecues because you want to have fun. Some of you will expand your family through birth, adoption or marriage this year. Many of you will renovate, redecorate and make your home more attractive. You can win recognition from others for your achievements this year. Employers and bosses will be impressed with your diligence and your ability to plan ahead. Some of you will make money through real estate this year and possibly next year because you will have opportunities to either make money from selling your own home or to profit from real-estate speculation.

Others might explore appealing opportunities in the entertainment world, the hospitality industry and teaching. Some of you will have a love affair or begin a new romance with someone older, perhaps a parental figure. You might also meet someone through a family member; in fact, this is highly likely. One reason you will be more successful in all your relationships this year is because this is a wonderful year to build up your health and become stronger. What has this got to do with relationships? Common sense. You will be more invigorated, energetic and have a more positive self image, which are all qualities that affect all your interrelationships with others.

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Georgia Nicols April 2016 Horoscopes

Ta da! This is the best year to improve your family and home scene in over a decade. Expect to buy lovely things for your home. You might renovate or redecorate because you will feel richer and more affluent about where you live.

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Those who own their home will renovate, expand or sell and buy something better. Whatever happens, you will increase your real-estate assets. In the same way that you can physically improve where you live, likewise your family relationships will improve. This year there are challenging aspects with bosses, employers, government officials and older partners that might block your efforts. Be patient. The good news is that your life will flow easily. With very little effort, you will move in the direction you want to go. Some bosses will endorse you — the secret is to find out who they are.

Ever since , your closest relationships and partnerships have been tumultuous because wild Uranus has been opposite your sign for the last seven years. For many, this signaled that a relationship ended. It created hidden pressures that might have affected your health. The good news is that as of , this influence moves on. You will be in the clear for the rest of your life.

This year you will be optimistic, hopeful and in a positive frame of mind. Existing relationships will improve and new romance is always possible. Your relations with an authority figure in the family will be tested this year. Like last year! It simply means you will not easily get your way.

But in the long run, your positive outlook this year will make you the winner. Patience is the key. Expect to tackle major repairs to your home because what youwant to do this year is solidify your home base and cement family bonds.

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Now is the time to build and repair what needs to be done because, you are laying the foundation of your future. This year you will earn more money! Yes, you will get richer. You will get a better paying job or you will get a raise. You might buy yourself wonderful things so that you feel richer.

Not only will you earn more money this year, you will enjoy how you earn your money. This blessing comes along only once every 12 years and it will not return again for you until , so make the most of this. This can make you attractive to some people. It means you have more disposable income to party and entertain people.

But hey, who wants to attract people to them just because they have money? If you are single, you will be careful, even wary of a new relationship.

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Last but not least, you will feel sexier and more attractive this year because you feel financially confident plus you will have some money to throw on your back so that you look hot. Your home scene will benefit because you will have more disposable income plus you will have more money to buy things for your home and easily entertain.

One of the most important things that parents can do for their kids is to remain solvent. Yes, money keeps the kids close. It will be a pleasure to be able to be generous to your kids and loved ones. You might also use your improved financial standing to find a better home by selling and buying or renting. Your life will be so blessed this year because your ruler Jupiter is in your own sign, which happens only once every 12 years. The next time this happens will be in This year you have much to be grateful because life will be easier. You will attract business deals and favourable financial arrangements.

You will also attract important people. You will attract good luck! Work-related travel along with travel for pleasure will be a theme this year. You will escape from inhibiting circumstances that you want to leave and attract financial support and resources to you. Naturally all of your relationships will improve this year because you are basking in the blessing of Jupiter in your sign.

You have more self poise, more confidence, and will feel friendlier and happier, which makes you more attractive to others. This is Tropical astrology. The other astrology "school" that is based on the current constellations in the sky is called Sidereal Astrology. This is commonly used in India. In the beginning of my entertaining, informative and witty book You and Your Future, I state that I don't even believe the planets affect us anyway!

It's all about mathematics, and the interpretation of these mathematical cycles. Therefore, please relax. You are still your sign. To me this is an apt illustration of what the famous mathematician and physicist, Sir Isaac Newton said when criticized by astronomer Edmond Halley for being an astrologer, he replied, "Sir, I have studied the subject. You have not. Below is an excerpt from the front page article from the Press Democrat in California.

Daily horoscope for Saturday, May 4, 12222

Astrologist sic Georgia Nicols -- who writes The Press Democrat's horoscope — woke up Friday to two television stations clamoring for interviews and more than e-mails filling her inbox, all with variations on the same bewildering question:. The source of the confusion wasn't hard to track. How much do you owe on your credit cards? Is the posse after you? If you have property, do you have a will? Think about this. Scorpio Oct. In a successful partnership, you are as good for your partner as he or she is for you.

Sagittarius Nov. And what can you do to improve your job? These are two areas where you can make great strides today because of the New Moon. Think of a few things that you could do that will make your life better. Capricorn Dec. Do you value your creative side? Aquarius Jan. Obviously, there are many possibilities! Can you think of three?