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Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. As the December 4 zodiac sign is Sagittarius, you are flexible by nature. Being able to roll with the punches sometimes could be the best way to handle a situation rather than to get into a physical or verbal confrontation with someone. Normally, you are soft-hearted. You tend to overindulge when it comes to alcohol and food. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! The December 4th birthday compatibility analysis shows that as someone in love, you have an extremely high sex drive.

To have a successful and faithful one on one relationship with someone, your partner must be your equal. In a nutshell, no pun intended , passionate and inventive are words that could describe you as a lover.

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Those of you born today on this Sagittarius birthday have no problems with authority but may not be able to express your opinions and thoughts to them. You have great ideas, but when it comes to expressing yourself to people, it may not come as easily as others may think. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! This may work as a parent, but in the business world, it may not work so good. Test Now!

If you are trying to decide on a career, then you could be entertained by the idea of global affairs or in a position to make a real change in the world. They often have trouble seeing the true potential to be free from social and collective limitations, and could feel victimized by fate itself instead of seeing the symbolism behind things that happen in their life, so they can bring liberation for their heart on their own.

It is a wise choice to study astrology or any other language of symbols that will help them get in tune with their inner truth so they can understand what needs to be done in the real world, to start living their visions in plain sight.

Here is your horoscope for December 4, 2018

Although they are warm and ready to fall in love, people born on the 4th of December could have some repetitive troubles in their romantic life. They need a partner who truly understands their need for solitude even if they seem to be the most social of all social butterflies in a bunch. When choosing to build their shared world with someone, they need their sense of personal freedom intact and to not be burdened by too much of their partner's responsibility. Their strong personality easily takes over the issues of others and this could turn them into a human shield of protection for loved ones, where their own needs remain unfulfilled.

Once they stop compromising and start finding shared solutions, they may just reach the ideal of relationship they wish for. A Sagittarius born on December 4th is a good mathematician or historian, someone who sees the map of moves needed to move towards a certain goal.

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They have endurance and stay firm in long-term projects when on the right career path instead of a chase for status. Highly intellectual and linked to faith and higher spheres, they make incredible organizers and planners, those who are able to put all the little things in their right place, seeing the outcome of each decision made. Blue kyanite is a very good choice of stone for people born on the 4th of December. It aligns all chakras bringing order into the most chaotic processes in their inner world, followed by peace in the outer one.

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It is known to bring healing dreams as it connects one's subconscious world with the conscious one, giving clarity to issues from the past and all emotions that have been buried when they should have been expressed. To choose a birthday gift for someone born on December 4th, we must keep in mind the depth of character and the seriousness behind the act.

Although they often seem childish, they are mature in their areas of interest, and we should stick to presents that give respect to their desires and strivings in life. We might feel an urgency to get things done. Virgo lends us her brilliant work ethic and her determination to complete what we start. The cards also lend their beautiful wisdom. It is a significant place on our path. It tells us that like Virgo, we are longing for balance and healing.

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Adjustment features the lady of justice. Her eyes are covered with a blindfold and she is holding scales to represent the balance between good and evil, and right and wrong within our lives. Lady Justice is the supreme Judge. She is connected to the idea of Karma, that everything we do today has either a positive or negative effect upon our future.


She wants us all to live well and treat each other well. She wants our actions to be just and good.

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She will give back to us what we put out, so she calls us to put out positivity. Under the influence of this card, we reflect and adjust our personal behaviors. We evaluate where in our life we have stagnant energy, where we are not growing, and where we are not healthy.

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