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It indicates outer changes, the working out of cycles of past karma, the opening, closing and culmination of the outer phases of the life-process. As it passes over the cusps of houses … it measures definite changes in the concrete emphases of life. This is especially marked as the Moon crosses the four angles, and most of all, the Ascendant. The Moon's transits in the first few months after birth which form a lifetime of progressions lay down the trigger points for events that will emerge later in life. A fruitful way to understand how the Moon works by Secondary Progression is to think of it as weaving the tapestry of life.

This will reveal a clear etiology. Once the purpose underpinning an event is revealed and understood by the astrologer or client, greater awareness and ability for self-determination are gained. Even if the SP lunar aspects don't correlate with an external event, they almost always coincide somehow with a change of perspective or illumination.

Here's a quick example. A client with a 7th-house Sun asked about a new romance. He was sure it was going to go well but wanted confirmation. This natal placement can be synonymous with feelings of dread and responsibility and a tendency to isolate oneself. Despite the initial passion of the encounter and his optimism for its future, the timing of the relationship meant that it was "fated" to bring out his natal Saturn—IC themes. After an intense beginning, the relationship floundered because my client found himself acting like a father figure to a younger partner, whom he found unstable and self-centred.

Deeply disappointed by what he had experienced, he vowed he would not enter a relationship again. Such loneliness or an expectation thereof can be one manifestation of natal Saturn on the IC. The SP Moon crossing this area of his chart was offering him a chance to reflect on a pattern of behaviour: how he may often unconsciously choose unsuitable partners who would then "disappoint him," making him retreat and renounce further relationships. Had he been willing to explore the potential limitation in this relationship and seek greater stability, things might have turned out differently.

When the SP Moon aspects a planet, it brings the planet's themes, natal placement, and house rulership s to light.

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New patterns can also be formed between progressed planets themselves. Interestingly, the events which coincide with progressed-to-progressed aspects are often more vivid than those which correspond to progressed-to-natal aspects. A client, "Bea" a pseudonym , came for a consultation on January 13, as her SP Moon was sextile progressed Mercury and her natal Moon. See Chart 1. By progression, Mercury had conjoined her natal Moon—Pluto and was within a degree of squaring natal Mercury — all underscoring the potency of this contact. In the days before the consultation, she went on a journey to explore her past and her heritage natal Moon in the 4th house.

She had a profound realization about her relationship with her mother, and understood how her own habitual tendency to worry Moon in Virgo had contributed to her health problems Mercury ruling her Ascendant and in the 1st. In the weeks that followed, Bea had a major conversation Mercury with her partner and family, which transformed both her relationships and living arrangements Moon—Pluto in the 4th. At the same time, she was appointed to a new position as an academic and teacher Mercury — her role would involve archiving and sharing the oral histories of indigenous peoples note the Moon, Mercury, Virgo, and 4th-house connotations.

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It was the exact month when the SP Moon triggered natal and progressed aspects that concrete outcomes began to appear. Business trips and vacations with family are on the cards. Your love life will bloom and will take a new turn. You may face problems with colleagues at work. Minor health ailments are predicted. Challenges in life will help you become a stronger person. You will finish tasks that you started in the previous years. You will not be inclined to begin something new. This is a time when results of your past efforts will materialize. Scorpio horoscope for Scorpio foretells that is a year of growth.

You may not be able to enjoy the results of your efforts this year but do not give up. Stress, anxiety, insecurity may engulf you. You need to relax and think with a calm mind before taking any action. You will make some good financial investments. There will be mixed periods of confusion and clarity. You can overcome all obstacles in your path if you look before you leap. Your aggression can harm you more than help you if you are not careful. You will experience growth in new areas in life. Success may not come very easily but you can achieve your goals if you fight hard enough.

Love will blossom if you take the right steps.

Do not let your hasty decisions make everything go down. Good understanding and unbiased decisions will be the key to your success. Pisces horoscope for Pisces foretells that you will advance this year in the right direction. You will make excellent progress in your career and move up in life. Relations with influential people will help you accomplish your targets. But you will need to make a lot of effort to maintain relationships with family, spouse and colleagues. A planet is said to switch from direct motion to retrograde motion when its apparent motion across the backdrop of the stars switches from eastwards to westwards.

This phenomenon is caused by the difference in the time that the other planets and the Earth take to orbit the sun. Astrology holds that Mercury is the planet that controls communication and transportation.